• Clean n’ Easy Banana Pancakes

    Our fave easy Sunday breakfast recipe! Ingredients 4 bananas 4 eggs 4 tsp coconut flour 1 pinch nutmeg (optional) 1/2 tsp oil 1 Cup blueberries Squeeze of lemon Essential ...

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  • Yummy Carob Mint Treats

    Created by Madonna & Adrienne 💜 Ingredients🌿 Carob - 1/4 Cup Cacao nibs - 1/4 Cup Caco powder - 2 Tbsp Dates (soaked overnight) - 1 Cup Pumpkin seeds (toaste...

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  • A bowl full of goodness

    As the temperature begins to drop unfortunately the nasty winter germs start to increase. So it’s extra important to make sure we’re nourishing our bodies with all the right vitamins and...

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