Ayurvedic Massage and Wellness Consultations


Full Body Abhyanga 1hr

The ultimate full body massage to relieve stress, promote healing and provide well-being using ancient Ayurvedic techniques and oils. Please note this treatment is not advised during the first 3 days of your moon cycle (period) as it works on energy channels and may disrupt your natural flow.

Head Shiroabhyanga 40mins
Ancient Indian Head Massage using Ayurvedic techniques and oils – a blissfully soothing head massage relieving tension, stress and promoting mental clarity and peace.

Chaviti Abhyanga 40mins

This therapy is done on a thin mat on the floor, client lies down on their belly, fully clothed and no oil is used. The consultant uses her feet to gently massage the body, covering the legs, feet, arms and hands, using a slight rocking motion. The treatment by walking up and down the back covering the glutes. Great for relieving tension, fatigue and aches and pains. This treatment is NOT suitable for people suffering with hernia, back injury or any other serious ailment.

Nabhi Naval Centre Massage 40mins

The energetic pulse that resides in our Nabhi (Naval Centre) connects us to the Divine. When it is dislodged by stress or trauma it can cause many physical symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, aches and pains, headaches etc.

This treatment focuses on encouraging the Nabhi to return to its centre through gentle belly massage, light stretches and yoga asanas. More than one treatment may be required for full Nabhi correction.


Do you suffer with a serious health condition? Headaches, anxiety, indigestion or skin problems? No matter your ailment Ayurveda can assist you restore health and wellbeing on every level. During your consultation our consultant will address mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. She will provide you with suitable diet and nutrition options and well as lifestyle and activity suggestions that will bring you wholly back into harmony.


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