• Clean n’ Easy Banana Pancakes


    Our fave easy Sunday breakfast recipe! Ingredients 4 bananas 4 eggs 4 tsp coconut flour 1 pinch nutmeg (optional) 1/2 tsp oil 1 Cup blueberries Squeeze of lemon Essential Oils - Cinnamon & Wild Orange Method 1 Mash the bananas with a fork 2 Whisk in the eggs, the flour and the nutmeg (if using) 3 Heat a small non stick pan and add enough oil to lightly coat the surface 4 Swirl the pan around to evenly spread oil…

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  • Yummy Carob Mint Treats


    Created by Madonna & Adrienne 💜 Ingredients🌿 Carob - 1/4 Cup Cacao nibs - 1/4 Cup Caco powder - 2 Tbsp Dates (soaked overnight) - 1 Cup Pumpkin seeds (toasted & roughly ground) - 1 Cup Coconut shreds - 1/2 Cup Coconut oil - 1 x Generous Tbsp Peppermint essential oil - 2 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil - 5 drops Optional Cinnamon essential oil - 2 drops Hand mix with wooden spoon or best utensil to blend all the…

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  • A bowl full of goodness


    As the temperature begins to drop unfortunately the nasty winter germs start to increase. So it’s extra important to make sure we’re nourishing our bodies with all the right vitamins and minerals that help boost our immune system. This is one of my Winter comfort soups that is fill to the brim with goodness. I’ve also used a few doTERRA Essential Oils to help increase the benefits. Not only do these oils give the soup some spice and extra flavour,…

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  • Love your Courage


    Interview with Madonna Williams Jocelyn McGillvray is a loving and dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, author and artist who loves yoga! I fell in love with Joss the moment she opened her heart to me and shared her honesty and vulnerability a few years ago. As with many students who share, I feel deeply honoured to hold this space. They also become my greatest teachers.  Today Jocelyn radiates love and strength. She has become a shining light for her family, friends…

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  • We love Alysa Michelle!


    by Madonna Williams I met Alysa Michelle when she started attending Yoga classses at Zen Soul Life in 2016. Her dedication, focus and charismatic energy is infectious! When I found out she was a yoga teacher,  I smiled! 'You're hired!' M ~ Why did you decide to be a Yoga teacher? A ~ It's not exactly a profound answer. My Mum was a yoga teacher and I always admired her individuality. When I was studying nutrition I needed some extra…

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  • Summer Love Salad


    Serves 4-6 Ingredients:1 1/2 cups pumpkin, leave skin on if organic and cut into 2.5 centimeter cubes1 tablespoon rosemary, finely choppedDrizzle of macadamia nut oil, enough to very lightly coat the pumpkin 250gms mixed baby salad leaves1 large beetroot, grated in food processor1/4 cup mint leaves1 organic lemon, for zesting (optional)1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved or quarter whole tomatoes1 avocado sliced 1/4 cup basil leaves1 small red onion, finely sliced1 cup sunflower sprouts1/2 cup activated pepita seedsPomegranate seeds for garnishing (optional)edible flowers for…

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  • We love KATE CADDLE

    Kate Caddle yoga

    I met Kate Caddle a few years ago when she attended my Yoga classes in Paradise Point. Kate’s transformation over the last few years has been intriguing, beautiful and uplifting to say the least. Formerly a successful make-up artist, Kate has shifted her artistic talents to her new creation After being diagnosed with endometriosis – (a reproductive issue that causes all sorts of pain, blockages, scarring, and for many, infertility), Kate endured a period of time in selfloathing and…

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  • MINDFULNESS …the art of being turned on to life itself!

    Meditation  copy

    After many years of teaching and practising yoga and meditation, I often feel liberated with mindfulness rich days and my classes are always enriched with mindfulness training. The practise of mindfulness has changed my life in so many ways from calming and balancing, regulating mood swings, optimising health and weight, feeling less reactive, enjoying more energy, making better food choices...the list goes on! If you feel that this blog seems beyond you, then consider simply starting with the exercises below…

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  • Sweet Potato, Kale & Beetroot Soup


    Rich in anti-oxidants, blood cleansing, heart warming and absolutely delicious! Recipe and image from Madonna Recipe : 1. Roast vegetables below in oven until cooked. 2 large sweet potatoes chopped 4 large beetroots chopped 2. While roasting above vegetables, fry ingredients below in pan until ginger crispy, spices become aromatic and kale softens. 2 Tbspn Ghee (warmup pan before adding Ghee and allow to melt before adding below). 1 tsp organic Cummin powder 1 tsp organic Fennel seeds 1 tspn…

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  • Toffee Latte Recipe


    Instead of a coffee, try a Toffee! This tastes similar to coffee, its's yummy, supports the liver (great for energy), reduces inflammation (anti-ageing) and contains antioxidants, magnesium (good for heart, bones and muscle relaxant), sulphur (strong nails, improves skin). It also contains mood stimulants, Anandamide (bliss chemical) and Arginine an amino acid that helps to reduce blood pressure.So what's in it?Recipe and images from Madonna.Ingredients :1 tspn Dandelion (I like 'Roasted Dandelion' by 'Kintra')1 tsp Turmeric grated (or organic Turmeric…

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