Madonna Williams & wellness associates are dedicated to facilitating world class uplifting and harmonious retreat getaways held in venues carefully chosen for their synergy. Explore and deepen your yoga and meditation practice, experience personal development and motivational workshops, multiple styles of yoga, healthy food demonstrations, sound therapy, massage, delicious healthy organic food, beach walks and glorious self-time to soul soothe. Surrender to the serenity of soul nurture, release unwanted stress and tension, be nourished and invigorated. See testimonials below from our retreat guests since 2009.



Kathie Felgate

Thank you so much for the most incredible retreat over the past three days. You are truely such a inspirational, genuine and beautiful person. I always have a wonderful time being with like minded, warm, loving caring ladies on your retreats, and it doesn’t seem to matter what age or walk of life. This time was a very happy time for me as I felt particularly at ease and relaxed in the lovely environment you create which simply oozes with love and genuine caring for one another. You have the wonderful ability to reach into every ones heart and bring out the true being of us all. Your ability to make everyone feel comfortable and special is a very unique quality, of which I admire. The food was gorgeous and of course we were blessed with magnificent weather which added to a wonderful weekend. With every retreat I come home feeling invigorated, absolutely glowing with health, ready to tackle life full on. I love the way you teach yoga explaining the whole process and depth of the various levels of which has inspired me to learn more. Thank you for just being your beautiful self and sharing yourself with me and so many others. You are someone very special.
Special love to you Madonna 💕🙏🏻.

Saskia Moore

Thank for another fantastic retreat.  I walked away from the weekend feeling so relaxed, I found a stillness that I had been looking for, for a long time and the FOOD… was so delicious, I’m still dreaming about it!. I was so inspired by you and the honest group of women that I was privileged to meet .  See you again next year and thank you teaching us to open our eyes to a much more healthier way of life.
Forever grateful


I came to find clarity and let go of self-doubt, fears & judgement. I now feel nourished, empowerd and full of love. My highlight was finding my way back to nature and feeling the sun on my face everyday and the kundalini for sure, it brought a warmth to my heart.

Karen K

The venue is absolutely beautiful & the food is amazing. I have found my happy place. The highlight was Kundalini yoga and flying on the beach. I now remember that kundalini is absolutely the orgasm of yoga.


My intention was to let go and stop being so busy. Now I have found inner calm and peace. My highlight (there’s been many) was Kundalini because i was able to do it and it was strengthening. Also, the love from everyone and Madonnas strength & passion is beautiful.


I had a recent scary experience where I ended up in emergency due to stress. So this retreat was all about healing my mind and body. I feel really good and that I can now cope with anything. The highlight was the lake cleanse and letting go of negativity, then doing the handstands because I didn’t think I could. This made feel so light & amazing.


I walk away with lots of joy and love to share with everyone in my life. The yoga both in the Shala and on the beach was an absolute highlight.


I came with the intention of learning how to relax, release tension and not be so self-conscious. Now I feel absolutely amazing and more confident. The highlight for me was doing beach & acro yoga with one arm up! I honestly didn’t think I had the physical power to do it. It has given me a fabulous feeling of strength.


I can’t thank you and your team of angels enough for the nurturing, wisdom and guidance I received over what feels like an eternity but was only 3 days. Tallow’s a perfect combination of nature and nurture .. I still can’t believe the girls caught a wave with a turtle (karmic gift).


Some love from our I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful retreat. I certainly feel as if I have acquired the skills to put more balance in my life and for that I will be forever grateful to you. And I have been to 2 Yoga and meditation classes this week and will continue to include in my life.


Thank you Madonna for a truly heartfelt and incredible retreat experience!
Being present with myself and nature at Shambahla was a life changing experience made easy with your guidance, wisdom and inspiration.
I am energized, motivated and ready with the tools to continue on my journey !
Namaste, Karin.

Judy Elliot

Madonna, many many thanks for all your kindness & inspirational thoughts & ideas, it was such a beautiful time for me at the retreat & I will reflect back often as I have been doing. I have been inspired by meeting you & will take that with me. I feel stronger now to plan ahead and know that I will be capable to achieve my goals in life, for that I thank you. Peace & love,

Angel Schroter

Madonna, I want to thank you for holding space for a truly divine experience, allowing me to retreat from the pressures of daily life to the sanctuary of Shambhala at Byron Bay. I was able to relax and unwind in this safe, supportive and nurturing space and found peace and quiet to tune in to my inner wisdom.

The group of amazing women I met became my friends in just 48 hours, and I believe we all found that we were able to trust each other and share, without fear of judgement, our stories and secrets, wisdom and advice.

You prepared us healthy, tasty, nourishing food with love, taking on the ‘mother’ role so we could surrender and be cared for just as our souls needed.

I feel that not only did you guide us on this restorative and rejuvenating journey, but you actually lead by example with your genuinely caring nature and devotion to the practice of yoga and wellness of mind, body and soul. You are a glowing example of a positive and happy soul who loves and appreciates life’s ups and downs equally, and lives life to the fullest.

I rave about your retreats and tell everyone what a blissful and magical experience they are. I look forward to sharing more experiences like this one with you in the future.

Judy Brazenall

What a beautiful asset you are to our community “Madonna” – we are truly blessed to have someone with your knowledge, energy, inspiration and beliefs to give so much love and guidance. Thank you once again my 7th retreat I have shared with you and like-minded women. It has empowered me to continue on my journey.

Kathie Felgate

Beautiful Madonna. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful retreat, for your inspiration, your kindness and genuine love, which you share so freely. The impact you have on women to make us feel whole and worthy is a gift you impart so generously. Reflecting on the retreat brings to light new and beautiful thoughts and great appreciation for the gorgeous world of nature we live in, something we often take for granted. You are an inspiration to me as I have returned home feeling strong, more aware of the people around me and above all, very happy. Thank you for a beautiful retreat, amazing food which you seem to prepare so effortlessly and with such calmness, and for being just the beautiful person you are. You have enhanced my life. Peace and light to you always

Nadine Hall

Thank you for providing the experience that allowed me to relax, learn and grow with like minded beautiful women inside and out. Thankyou for your support and encouragement to help me change my life for a better experience with better health and mind body & soul awareness. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful soul and exceptional knowledge and also those amazing cooking skills with us. I am extremely grateful that our paths crossed and your retreat became a reality for me, Thankyou Madonna x

Louise Overall

Miraculous Madonna. Thank you for a sensational retreat weekend. You upliftingly catered for my mind, body and soul. What makes the retreat Devine is the women you share it with and the connectedness you create. I have left inspired and enriched with the intention of more love: including self-love, meditation & yoga practise, nourishing the mind, body and soul. Forever grateful. Love Lou xx

Lyn Russell

My sincere thanks for a great retreat. I came away uplifted & energised and today feel I finally have clarity in what needs changing in my life. I feel confident and excited about what lies ahead & the words “she let go” keep ringing in my ears
Sending you much love

Alicia Gerovich

This retreat made me feel…. Grateful….. Before the retreat I had an idea about what the weekend would entail but I didn’t realise how profoundly it would change my life, my way of thinking and my general well being. The shifts I experienced were quite powerful and have re-ignited my love for yoga and meditation. I have returned home with a clear mind and a positive attitude.

Allison Siganto

As much as I wanted to have a shift or moment while on retreat it did not happen. For me, I feel my light switch turned on when I arrived home. From what I experienced and learned over the weekend I have been able to help my daughter deal with her stress. She has gone from headaches and not being able to eat, to having eaten full meals and even managed some exercise. I have been using my Doterra oils, Frankincense on her feet and diffusing Lavender oil as well as Lavender shoulder massage. The change in her was almost instant. I found this very surprising. My goal is to enable her to learn the importance of taking time for herself. I now understand that “Do as I do” is so much more effective than “Do as I say”. Thank you for a beautiful weekend. For me the beach walk, beach yoga and swimming in the ocean were my favourite things. Feeling so much more grounded.

Kathie Felgate

Firstly thank you so much for your hospitality over the weekend and beautiful food. I so enjoyed your retreat, the resort, the atmosphere, your wonderful healthy food and mostly the yoga. I didn’t realise yoga was so deep and pure. I came to the retreat feeling quite miserable for no particular reason, but have come away feeling invigorated and motivated. I also realise the benefits of stilling my mind and not worrying about little things, ie. like people judging me. You reminded me how important it is to nourish my body and to treasure this life. I have come away feeling confident, energised and very grateful for my good health. I shall tackle the rest of my life with vigour and purpose but hold on to the beautiful peace you instilled in me. Thank you so much for enlightening me.

Saskia Moore

Thank for another fantastic retreat. I walked away from the weekend feeling so relaxed, I found a stillness that I had been looking for, for a long time and the FOOD… was so delicious, I’m still dreaming about it!! I was so inspired by you and the honest group of women that I was privileged to meet. See you again next year and thank you teaching us to open our eyes to a much more healthier way of life.

Forever grateful.

Ange Simson

The sacred haven we got to stay at, Shambala, a completely serene oasis that can only be described by me as a rainforest tree house hotel right on the beach. It’s filled with huge vibrating crystals and quietly running water features that entice relaxation just by the sounds. You walk through the giant temple doors and feel a wash of calm fall over your shoulders the moment you take a breath.

But the magic of the Zen Soul life retreats lies in having Madonna there, holding space for you to do what needs to be done. Free of judgement she simply draws truth out of you with her presence. And I know that she puts her everything into making sure that every retreat guest gets their most out of it. She purposely only allows up to 10 people per retreat so that it is a completely non-intimitating vibe and you end up wishing you could take everyone home with you.

Mary Isis

“Madonna’s retreat at Shambhala was so nourishing and uplifting on many different levels. There were so many meaningful and amazing aspects to it which overall made it a beautiful sacred experience. Being in a beautiful, peaceful place is of course conducive for a wellness retreat, but even more important is having a conscious leader and facilitator such as Madonna, who really puts her heart and passion into how she creates the intentional sacred space for her guests. Not only is She is a gifted teacher devoted to her Yoga practice, she is also a fantastic Raw/whole foods Chef! We were blessed with consciousness raising practices as well as getting to eat consciously prepared food containing all organic ingredients. I was touched by how much care she put into all that she offered. Madonna’s passion for Yoga and wellness, and also her humble “attitude of gratitude” is truly inspirational and contagious! I look forward to attending another one of her awesome retreats.

Helen Selmeczy

I want to especially thank you for a truly inspiring, relaxing, transformational retreat. I couldn’t have asked for more . It was perfect on every level. Since returning to everyday life I have much greater clarity, courage, strength and compassion. I see beauty everywhere. I have been practising some postures everyday. I am committed to at least10 mins per day. Also watching my diet and re establishing better food boundaries. I have met many new friends who are truly wonderful women. My heart is filled with gratitude and love. You are an amazing and beautiful woman, teacher and friend.

Kelly Kirby

I spent a wonderful ONE Day Retreat at Shambhala Retreat with Madonna Williams and 8 beautiful ladies. My experience was a day of yoga, new learning, relaxation, massage and the most yummy food. As I stepped through the front entrance of the retreat I felt my worries, stresses etc being left on the outside as I absorbed the healing energy on the inside. The location is just amazing! As you walk through the retreat you are surrounded by crystals, greenery, fish ponds, positive energy and an amazing beach at the far end of the retreat. The day gave me a feeling of total relaxation and an understanding of how chi energy works in your daily life! At the end of the day i could feel myself smiling inside and out. The friendships you make are priceless. Madonna’s retreat left me feeling inspired, happy, calm and energised at the end of each day. Thank you Madonna for the wonderful work you are doing through your yoga, mindfulness, food awareness and friendship. x

Jen Canario – teacher

Just wanted to send you a great big THANK YOU for this incredibly powerful and inspiring weekend! I have a new found appreciation for the world around me, it’s as though I am seeing the world for the first time. I am so in love with this new perspective and natural high, it is the best gift anyone could have given me! So thank you! I have already finished a few mantras to start my day so I’m feeling fully energised and ready to take on the day! Woohoo!

Maggie Klein

What a difference a Retreat makes! Thank you Madonna for your boundless energy and total commitment to ensuring we all had a very special and unforgettable experience. The chakra energy workshop was very thought provoking. I am feeling alive and positive once again. Peace and love.


Last weekends experience at the tranquil setting of Shambhala Byron Bay surpassed the previous ones with Madonna`s passionate guidance. This beautiful weekend gave me a renewed sense of relaxation, balance and joy. Yoga has made me so much more aware of my inner feelings and Madonna`s calmness and inspiration constantly reminds me of the many benefits of Yoga. Madonna walks her talk in all aspects of her life and I love her and am very grateful for the important part she has in my life.

Jodie Perlinski

Thank you so much for including me in the one day program of the Byron retreat. It was just fantastic and I am so keen to learn more. I thought the energy of the group was beautiful and you did such a great job. Your enthusiastic and motivated yoga student.

Helen – S Art Photography

OMG is all I can say. I feel unbelievable. Thank you thank you 1,000000 times. I feel strong , healthy. I lost 1 1/2 kilos. I can really see the potential of how I can be and live my life to the max. I’m on the Chi cycle!